Our Classes


Our class sizes are small so that everyone feels included. Children are allowed to progress at their own speed.

The dojo rules do not permit humiliation or bullying of any kind and apply to students and teachers alike.

Historical background information about our Hagakure dojo, jodo and Japanese language & culture is integrated with the training.

Lightweight wooden weapons are provided for the students.

Wooden weapons practice is done both individually (kihon) and in pairs (kata) to pre-arranged patterns. Students only do paired practice with the teachers/seniors at first


£30 per month, paid at the beginning of the month.

This will include:

Insurance; temporary membership of the BKA (our umbrella organization); all equipment; the loan of a kit (once they have established themselves and are training regularly); membership of the dojo, which enables them to attend our social events: xmas dinner, pizza & Japanese film evenings, and other random things (in 2015 we went to the Gladiator re-enactment at the Guildhall).