Welcome to Hagakure dojo, practicing iaido and jodo in London and the West Country.
If you wish to attend our iaido or jodo sessions, your first visit will enable you to see how our classes are run. After this, if you wish to practice you will need loose clothing, e.g. baggy T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms (no jeans). Later you may progress to wearing traditional clothing. Kneepads are also required. However, if you cannot kneel, adjustments to your training can be made to accommodate this. Wooden swords (bokuto) will be provided.

We train in a very safe environment, with qualified instructors, who have coaching awards as recognised by the British Kendo Association. We have a very high standard of dojo etiquette, which you will learn about as part of your budo training. Information packs are periodically given to the students to assist in their education.

Please take a look at the Downloads page and read our Budo Charter, Dojo constitution and Beginner’s Syllabus to familiarise yourself with the way our dojo is run.

Please contact us before you attend and for further details if you wish to visit or join our dojo.

We very much look forward to meeting you at the dojo.