Training Locations & Times


Whilst full details and maps are below, alternatively you may find it convenient to refer to our calendar which also includes details of relevant national and international events for Iaido and Jodo under the auspices of the British Kendo Association and the European Kendo Federation

Central Hagakure Dojo (two locations)

Sensei: Len Bean, Iaido Kyoshi 7th dan, Kendo Renshi 5th dan, Jodo 5th dan
Contact:  Dave Fanning Sensei

Monday night: Iaido, 18:30-21:00 hrs

Greenside Community Centre
24 Lilestone Street
Lisson Green Estate

Friday night: choice of either Iaido or Jodo, 19:00-21:00 hrs

Winton Primary School
Killick Street (corner of Collier Street)
N1 9AZ

Hagakure Dojo West London

Wednesday night: Jodo 19:00-20:30 hrs; Iaido 20:30-22:00 hrs

Sensei: Dragomir Lubomirov, 5th dan iaido; 5th dan jodo
Contact: Dojo secretary Rob Colson

Hogarth Youth Centre
Duke Road
W4 2JR

Hagakure Shonen Children’s Dojo (Under 18’s only)

Monday: Iaido & Jodo 11:00-12:00 hrs

Sensei & contact: Dave Fanning, 5th dan iaido; 5th dan jodo
Small class size for personalised tuition
Minimum age is seven years old
More information at dedicated website

Queensbridge Sports & Community Centre
30 Holly Street
E8 3XW

Hagakure Fudoshin (West Country)

Sunday morning 09:30 – 12:00

Sensei: Mick Simmonet, iaido 4th dan